wHO are we AND what makes us SPECial?

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ITsuperstore365 is a young company with many years of industry experience behind it

All products available through this platform are genuine items, no products listed are in any way in conflict with the legal obligations from the original manufacturer of the products.

We like to think we make it look easy and that’s because we think it should be, like delivering efficiently, speaking your language and offering the best prices without compromising on quality.

With ever growing stock, and constant rotation means new offers appear every day. If it’s on the website it’s in our warehouse, and if it’s in our warehouse it can be in your hands really soon. And that’s a promise we make across Europe.

It’s about more than just business, because our values run through everything we do; values such as an adherence to the kind of virtuous circle that sees items being refurbished and re-used in a manner which reduces waste whilst offering spectacular savings.

The environment is suffering while the world keeps consuming and caring for the planet has become a buzzword. For us it’s not, it’s the foundation of our company.

It’s in who we are, what we do and where we work. It’s in the building, the people, the products and the service.

Lots of companies talk green, we act, think and live it. Our commitment to the environment is embodied in the products we supply and it’s the kind of recycling which only works if you do it well. Our refurbished items aren’t just as good as new, they’re better – we already know they can get the job done, so we ensure they can carry on doing it in a way which re-uses valuable resources. In an increasingly disposable society it’s a business model that’s here to stay.